African FRDM Environment

Start with your immediate surroundings and make the world a better place.

African FRDM is a local company with various outreach programs that  involve nature conservation as well as community building. Through our supply chain we employ local small business that create jobs in their respective local communities. We believe in a synergistic approach to business and through that approach we aim to uplift every person or business that we work with.


At African FRDM we donate a portion of all sales to nature conservation. Some of our causes include the conservation of Black and White Rhino, Cheetah and Pangolin as well as various smaller charities like The Ground Hornbill Project and other bird sanctuaries.


Environmental affairs is something our brand strongly aligns with. Our mission is to start with our immediate surroundings, and make the world a better place. From cleaning the streets of neighborhoods to donating and working with Tembele Ecological Services to establish a Spekboom nursery, every little effort helps. Another partnership that we're really proud of is one that sees 10 tree saplings planted in one of various reforestation locations throughout Africa for every R700 that gets spent on the African FRDM online store.

Proudly African sits at the core of the African FRDM Brand. Our locally made quality products take inspiration from everything local and leaves a feel-good factor as consumers know that they are helping our cause as well as enjoying a product that is second to none.