What we're about

Think about it

Ever thought you could make a difference by shopping? We thought not.

Don’t worry though, we’re FRDM (pronounced ‘Freedom’) and we’ll help you out.

As you might have seen, we’re Proudly African and it’s our aim to contribute, however small it may be, to the advancement of conservation in South Africa.

By buying our products you have already made a difference, as proceeds of every sale automatically contributes to the FRDM Wildlife Fund (FWF).

The aim of the FWF is to partner up with as many organisations as possible to help the fight for some of our country’s most precious jewels like Rhino, Southern Ground Hornbill and Pangolin, to name but a few. These majestic species are all under constant threat of poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

“That’s terrible! So, what can we do?” you ask. Great question. By buying our products, donating to the FWF or simply just making an Instagram/Facebook post and tagging FRDM, you are already doing your bit.

We sincerely thank you for your purchase and welcome you to the FRDM family.

Please read further for more info on our company and products.


FRDM was started in 2016 as a clothing company. Initially specialising in caps, we have expanded to flip flops and a clothing line is to be launched soon.

We source our products from local small businesses who provide jobs and room for personal development to their employees. This is one of our main goals as these companies have a direct impact on their local communities.

FRDM Wildlife Fund

Poaching and illegal wildlife trade is a huge threat facing our animals in South Africa. The FRDM Wildlife Fund (FWF) partners with various organisations that oversees the continuous management and protection of some of our most endangered species like the Pangolin, Southern Ground Hornbill and of course the White and Black Rhinoceros. No product or sanctuary is too big or too small. Along with big conservation organisations we also work with various bird sanctuaries where even a small contribution can make a big difference in the successful survival and reproduction of a species.

Looking Forward

If you are interested to stock our products, to donate to the FWF, to get involved in our causes, or to simply get in touch with us, please send a mail to info@frdm.co.za and we will get back to you promptly.